We’re striking out into new territory this week. Specifically, we’re happy to announce our very first (and very modest) attempt at a renter-facing listing site: Schedule-a-Showing.com.

Schedule-a-Showing.com is a destination where renters can browse and schedule showings for on-the-market listings in their area. Schedule-a-Showing.com includes on-the-market rental listings from ShowMojo — and there are quite a few of them.

Your leads are your leads. Let’s be clear about this. We’ll never direct an active prospect from a paying ShowMojo account to Schedule-a-Showing.com. Never. You are our customer, and you are paying us to do the right thing by you. There is no don’t-be-evil-just-act-evil trickery here.

We want you to get more prospects and more scheduled showings. Even though we encourage our users to market their brand and mostly hide our brand, we get a surprising amount of renter traffic to ShowMojo.com. Dozens of renters misguidedly sign up (yes — sign up) for accounts each week. One of our primary goals is to direct that renter traffic back to you, our customers.

This is a little experiment, and we want to see where it takes us. Eighty percent of renters prefer to schedule online, but many of them don’t know the option exists — anywhere. Schedule-a-Showing.com might help to get the word out.

As some of you may have observed, we often start our big ideas in small ways. ShowMojo PHONE, listing syndication, and even automated confirmation are all ideas that started as small tests and grew into grand features. We don’t know what will happen here, but it’s in our DNA to give things like this a try.