That’s Responsive Design.

Well this is new. We’re actually announcing something with the word “design” in it. Hey, it’s not that we don’t salivate and writhe in envy over great design. It’s just that great design never answered a phone call … texted in response to an email inquiry … blacklisted problem non-prospectsmade smarter listing-to-calendar assignmentsgot answers to screening questions after you booked the showing … eh, you get where we’re going.

Anyway, save the champagne for New Years. This is just responsive design. Not pretty design. Responsive design is what makes the same web page look completely different (but contextually most useful) when viewed from the desktop web, a tablet, a mobile phone, and that gross phablet thing that looks completely ridiculous against your face.

Your ShowMojo Listing Gallery.

The Listing Gallery is the page with all your on-the-market listings. Prospects can search by location, rent and bedrooms. It’s always been responsive on it’s own.

However, up until yesterday, the Listing Gallery was sometimes less-than-responsive and occasionally downright curmudgeony when embedded inside another webpage and displayed in some constrictive, less-than-phablety, environments.

The Listing Gallery is the page that, as of this morning, gleefully readjusts itself as both a standalone page and when embedded within any page of your website, regardless of the device in which it is viewed.

So What’s The Point?

Do you already have your ShowMojo Listing Gallery displayed on your website? Have you been meaning to get your Listing Gallery displayed on your website and just haven’t gotten around to it? Have you been waiting for a more responsive option for the Listing Gallery?

You just need to update the code on your website. You can find the Listing Gallery embed code in the top section of the Import Settings page. Just copy it and give it to your web developer. He’ll know what responsive design is.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. Thank you everyone for making this such an amazing 2015.