Last April it was just ShowMojo and our slick Craigslist templates. Then Craig and Pete had a falling out and Craig doesn’t reply to Pete’s emails anymore. (To be fair, Pete only ever got one reply, in the wake of Hurricane Craig, and that was “Sorry”.)

Wow, the difference a year makes. ShowMojo now syndicates to over 40 listing sites. is our big new catch. And it is driving hundreds of additional leads each week to our landlords and property managers.

Just like inquiries to our other listing site partners, including Zillow, Trulia, and ApartmentList:

  • ShowMojo immediately emails a schedule-a-showing link to each prospect
  • ShowMojo emails again in 24 hours if the prospect has not replied or scheduled a showing
  • These emails can be customized at Settings > Communications.
  • These email inquiries are included in Listing Activity Reports

Nearly one in four prospects who submit an inquiry through an external listing site eventually schedule a showing in ShowMojo. And we’re always working to improve those odds.

Just to return to one final item regarding Craig and his list. Don’t forget that ShowMojo’s templates DO still work well with Craigslist. They are your best bet to get prospects to schedule showings online, and they allow Craigslist activity to be tracked on your Listing Activity Reports. (But don’t tell Craig.)