No, we are not proposing multi-family self-showings. That’d be all colors of crazy.

New Property-Based Scheduling Options

Hello, multi-family! We’re looking at you. Or single family with some multi-family. Or apartment communities. Or mobile homes. Well, fine, anyone who does in-person showings … we may be looking at you (but in a non-creepy way).

Believe it or not ShowMojo was built for in-person multi-family showings. Not single family. Not lockbox self-showings. Sho nit! It’s true.

ShowMojo’s multi-family scheduling capabilities have alway been top notch. Now we have added the ability to restrict location and showing frequency by property. So you can do things like:

  • Dynamically cluster individual showings by property.
  • Restrict each property to one show window per day.
  • Restrict properties to a limited number of show windows per week.

Want to learn more? Check out our knowledge base article on Managing and Scheduling Multi-Unit Properties.

Self-Showing Fraud and Scam Update

Victory! We won this round. And that is not the royal we. We mean ShowMojo and all of you.

Our monitoring shows a jaw-dropping decrease in fraudulent activity related to self-showings within the ShowMojo system.

What makes this victory all the sweeter is how it was accomplished. Our updates added no inconvenience for 99 percent of prospective renters. There is no long-term additional effort for property managers. And we steered clear of any creeptastic solutions like device-based facial recognition (you know who you are).

And for sure this newsletter just jinxed it.

If you are still experiencing an issue with self-show fraud activity please let us know. And check out our knowledge base article: Defend Your Company Against Self-Show Opportunists.

Minimum Notice Period for Lockbox Showings

Here is an actual new feature for self-show aficionados.

Do you want to restrict prospects from immediate self-show access to your listings? Now you can configure the notice period for self-showings without setting up a separate ShowMojo calendar.

Find out more in our article on Lockbox Self-Show Settings.


Team ShowMojo