Buckle up, because we’ve got a bundle of new productivity-boosting features to talk about today.

First, the ShowMojo calendar has been updated to lock individual showtimes to listings or locations. That’s right, you can now set your ShowMojo calendars to work the way you always thought they should. For example, if you specify a showing window of 9am to 5pm, with one hour showing durations, ShowMojo can now lock each appointment within that timeframe to a different listing or location. No more “9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm” calendar settings!

Second, the new showing notification email now includes a link to cancel the showing or request a reschedule. Review screening questions, double-check your other activities, and respond to a new showing right from your smartphone. This link is included for every new showing notification (excluding listings with showing acceptance and accounts with lead claim).

Third, you can create multiple screening questionnaires and assign them to different listings. Now you can tailor screening questions for different housing types, income areas, property owner preferences and more.

Fourth, we’ve added settings to turn off automated confirmation, follow-up emails and screening questions on individual listings. This opens ShowMojo to a whole new world of scheduling possibilities, like maintenance requests, lease signings, property inspections, sales calls on new clients, and more.

Finally, we added a new listing view with map, search and scheduling capabilities to showcase your on-the-market properties. Just head over to the Listing Import and Plugins page and take a gander at the link in the Embedded Listings Page section. This link can be used as a stand-alone web page or embedded within your rental website.

Phew! We’re outta breath. And back to work.