Some Old Business

For starters, a big mea culpa. We never announced that Rent Manager Listing Import graduated from the Beta Feature Club

We’d like to have a good excuse for that — we really would — but we don’t. Aw, come on. It’s not like we Instagram every time our six-year-old cashes out on a lost baby tooth. Life happens even when social media doesn’t. Let’s move on. 

Full Circle Integration

ShowMojo has been importing listings from third-party systems for years. We learned that trick lightning quick, since no one wants to enter listing data into multiple systems. Buildium was our first. What memories!

Now Rent Manager has given us our first opportunity to give something back. Specifically a real-time prospect export.

Listings go in. They are automatically imported into ShowMojo as on-market and ready to schedule. There’s nothing new there.

Leads come out. ShowMojo-captured leads are automatically transmitted back to Rent Manager, so they can be accessed and managed in either system. Moonshot! That’s an inter-property-management-systems first.

The Rent Manager Upshot

ShowMojo not only exports prospect data to Rent Manager, but continues to update it when scheduling and other activities occur in ShowMojo.

And the data is available at your fingertips within Rent Manager, for things like:

  • Rental applications and lease generation
  • Ad hoc email marketing to prospects
  • Custom reports and data mining

Sounds pretty useful, doesn’t it?

More of the Same from ShowMojo

Meanwhile, ShowMojo will continue to maintain the prospect information and carry on with all of its normal activities, including:

  • Showing coordination and rescheduling
  • Showing confirmation and self-showing management
  • Post-showing communication and feedback
  • Dynamic prospect nurturing based on rent reductions and on-market and off-market activities
  • Valuable insights into your leasing funnel

Just the great stuff ShowMojo’s always done.

And the Timing is No Coincidence

RMUC.16 (Rent Manager’s annual user conference) kicks off in Orlando on Monday. We’ll be there. So stop by the ShowMojo booth. Or, better still, catch us Tuesday at the Great API Showcase.

Team ShowMojo