There are so many places your listing data needs to go, you shouldn’t have to enter it over and over again.

Because of this, we’ve added a new tab to the ShowMojo settings page: Listing Import and Plug-ins. And we’ve put two great new features there.

First, the Scheduler Plug-In for Craigslist. This plug-in provides an effortless way to add ShowMojo’s powerful scheduling functionality to Craigslist posts without having to create even a single listing in advance. (Or, without having to find the correct ShowMojo listing links when posting to Craigslist.)

Second, the Listing Import API. Hand this API documentation off to your developer (or development team) and all your listings can be automatically added to ShowMojo. This API can update existing listings. It can even put existing listings on the market or take them off-market. And it’s all automatic.

Just to top things off, we’ve added a couple additional improvements within the last week.

Sharing an account? You can now send new showing, showing update and cancellation notices to other team members. Check out the Showing Notification and Distribution settings on the General Settings page.

Add properties first. We’ve updated our properties functionality so you can add a property before you add any listings. Just click the New Properties button.

That’s it. We’re off to build even cooler stuff. And, as always, we love all the feedback we get from our customers. So please drop a line.