Some days — we know how it goes. The summer leasing season can feel like running a relay race, blindfolded, through a four-story bouncy castle, while tumbling downhill. And these are the days you still have your sense of humor about you.

These are also the days when you have no time to keep track of the big picture — to pull reports and review all manner of listing and showing performance data points. But — now — you won’t have to.

Expanded Daily Performance Alerts

ShowMojo can alert you daily on 11 critical, custom-tailored performance metrics related to your listings and showing activities.

These alerts include:

  • Showing Agent Performance: such as insufficient showing availability, low prospect feedback averages, and overuse of showing cancel and reschedule features.
  • Listing Setup and Syndication: including missing (and essential) marketing information — specifically rent, photos, and bed and bath details.
  • Listing Performance: such as no schedulability, low lead and showing flow, and even long on-market times without a rent reduction.

Configure Your Alerts Now

Everything is ready to go. And — like so much of ShowMojo — these alerts are customizable to suit your particular needs.

Just dash off to the new Alerts & Reports Settings page and get started.

Your Alerts Configured for You

Since so many of these alerts are brand new, we are not pre-enabling them just yet. Instead, we will observe as early adopters take them for several laps through the runaway bouncy castle — and make adjustments accordingly.

For all accounts that do not adjust their alerts, we will configure the new default settings on or around Wednesday, May 30th. (At that time, we will skip over — and not alter — any accounts that have already reconfigured their settings.)

As a reminder: you can adjust your Daily Performance Alert settings at any time from the Alerts & Reports Settings page.


Team ShowMojo


P.S. Want to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend — but getting swamped by phone calls? That just shouldn’t happen. Be sure to have your ShowMojo PHONE settings correctly configured. And if you really want your prospects to have the option to speak to a live person, be sure to have a look at ShowMojo’s Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) service. You can enable it at any time!


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