Multi-User Scheduling Is Hard

No, not like Barbie in math class hard. Heck, even explaining why multi-user scheduling is hard is hard.

Consider all the possibilities of group showings, clustered individual showings, one-showtime-per-day-per-listing, one-show-window-per-day-per-listing, one-showtime-per-day-per-location, and arbitrary-showtimes-per-week. Dash with tenant notification lead-times, showtime piggybacking, lockbox showings, no showing days and Showing Surge. Fold in wait times for showing acceptance, lead claim, document verification and pre-showing questionnaires. Square with multiple overlapping calendars per individual agent. Avoid double-booking and avoid Google Calendar or Outlook 360 busy times. Then square again (fourth dimension alert) with multiple users. And don’t forget to never let the same listing get booked for two different agents at the same time.

Ever see one of those iPhone-in-a-blender videos? Could the ghost of Steve Jobs put that back together? It’d still be easier than multi-user scheduling for residential rentals.

And now — for reasons to be revealed next week — multi-user is an available option on all our current monthly plans.

No, we’re not selling ShowMojo.

What You Get

Multi-users come in three flavors:

  1. Coordinator: for scheduling only
  2. Showing Agent: exactly what it says on the tin
  3. Administrator: a showing agent with full control of the account

Each user gets their own ShowMojo login and a personal connection with Google Calendar or Outlook 360.

The account owner decides whether showing agents can:

  • Manage their availability and scheduling options
  • Update the listings to which they are assigned
  • Customize their showing details and follow-up email communications
  • Restrict schedulable listings by rent or location

Multi-user features can be enabled and managed on the Team Settings page.

The New Monthly Plans

We’ve adjusted multi-user pricing to make it more affordable on smaller plans. Here’s the rundown. 

Add an additional user to the:

  • $49 PRO Mini plan (100 leads) for only $15 per user per month
  • $99 PRO Standard plan (300 leads) for $20 per user per month
  • $159 PRO Big plan (600 leads) for $20 per user per month

These are new plans, and they all fall under a new ShowMojo PRO plan tier. All larger PRO plans add users at $25 per user per month. 

If you are on an old “Professional” plan, you’ll need to switch to one of these new ShowMojo PRO plans to add users to your account. You can switch plans on the Billing Settings page.

If you want to get started on multi-user before your monthly plan would normally renew please (1) make the plan change then (2) go to the Help page and let the support team know.

Team ShowMojo

P.S. Going to NARPM National in Maui next week? See you there!