We have added two new game-changing features to ShowMojo.

First Up. We’ve built RentJuice Integration into ShowMojo! (Or Zillow Rentals Integration, but wow that doesn’t roll well off the tongue.)

It’s seamless. It’s effortless. If you use RentJuice, it’s going to double your leads overnight.

With a simple one-time setup, you can add ShowMojo to every Craigslist ad you post through RentJuice. And your RentJuice listings get added to ShowMojo automatically as they are required.

To get started, Check out the RentJuice (Zillow Rentals) Integration section on the ShowMojo Settings page. But our tech writer is still doing cartwheels over this one. Which means he hasn’t written all the support documentation yet. Please email or call if you need ANY assistance.

And here’s a close second. We’ve added Automated Lead Distribution to ShowMojo. Got a small (or gigantic) office using ShowMojo? Especially for lead generation? Now ShowMojo can email new showings to your entire team. Finders-keepers rules apply. Ok, to be more mature about it, every team member gets an email with a link to claim the showing. The member who claims the showing first is included on all future change and cancellation notices. Information on claimed leads can be viewed from the Showing History popup or through the Expand Showings view.

And the closer. Because all good things come in threes. We’ve added two more Craigslist templates to ShowMojo. If you’ve gotten tired of our old Tall-box format, give the Elegant or Simple template a try. Heck, try them all. We’re sure Craig Newmark would approve.

P.S. Also, check out our new Photo Gallery functionality on the Schedule a Showing page. Ok, that’s technichally feature number four. Yes, we can schedule a torrent of showings to every place you have for rent. But, no, we can’t count.