What’s a lightning feature? It’s a not-so-huge new thing we got done lightning quick. You were thinking lightning Eureka, weren’t you? Ah, were that only the case. We do have lightning Eureka back in the product development garage, but it’s still getting greased, and it’s not yet safe around children. We’re working on it. Anyway, it’s just lightning features instead, stuffed in a blunderbuss, just for fun. Ready, aim, who are we kidding? You can’t aim a blunderbuss.

First, cancel and reschedule emails are now editable (where they weren’t before).

This was a favorite on the Request a Feature list. When cancelling or rescheduling a showing from email, ShowMojo now lets you review and modify the message that goes to the prospect. Without being logged into ShowMojo. And even from your smartphone.

Second, you can now limit listings by showtimes per week.

Don’t want to show the same listing day after day? Need to keep the popular listings from nabbing all the good showtimes? Just have better things to do with your day? Us too. You can now set each ShowMojo calendar to limit the number of showtimes (one, two, three or four) a listing can be shown per week.

Third, we’ve set MailChimp free.

We’re not sure there was any work involved in this. In fact we’re not quite sure who tripped over what and elbowed where with how, but ShowMojo’s MailChimp export is now free. Just don’t get your account banned.

So, yep, those things got done. Hope they make somebody happy.