Just in Time for Labor Day Weekend

This morning, ShowMojo rolled out the first and only on demand 24/7 live answer service for residential rentals.

Is your receptionist out for the week, and there’s no one to answer leasing calls? Just enable ShowMojo Live Answer — then turn it off at the end of the week.

Does your staff normally answer calls, but you need a live person answering when they cannot? Configure Live Answer to respond only when you don’t pick up.

What about a dedicated service to answer live only during your busy hours? Configure Live Answer based on a custom weekly schedule.

Going to the beach on Saturday and don’t want to be bothered? Just log into ShowMojo and enable Live Answer.

What Does it Cost?

Pricing is simple, straightforward and awesome.

  • $2 per call during normal and extended business hours on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • $3 per call outside of those hours.

Don’t let per-call pricing scare you. ShowMojo’s beta call center has been answering calls for over a year. In that time, we’ve seen a very consistent and happy outcome. Because ShowMojo PHONE is so adept at assisting callers who would rather not speak with a live person, live calls numbers are significantly lower than customers’ expectations.

Even better — since Live Answer is so easily switched on and off, you can safely test this for yourself on any random afternoon.

Who Answers and How Are Calls Handled?

ShowMojo leverages both US-based and off-shore agents to ensure every call is answered promptly. Call quality and the prospect experience are of paramount concern.

Nonetheless, we do not dally on the phone. For example, each prospect who schedules a showing completes the screening questions after the call. This is pure ShowMojo. Like everything else we do, Live Answer leverages ShowMojo’s high-touch, cost-efficient automation.

Want More Details?

Current customers can delight in all the nitty gritty by reviewing our Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) knowledge base article.

Don’t currently use ShowMojo, but interested in learning more? Just submit an inquiry on our Sales Page. And please let us know you are specifically interested in the Live Answer service.

How to Get Started?

We absolutely love this part.

Live Answer is entirely on demand. Just enable and configure it directly from the General Settings page, in the Live Answer section. There’s no support ticket to file. No setup time. No waiting. Just configure Live Answer and turn it on. Leave it on in perpetuity. Or turn it on and off as you like, and as you need it.


Team ShowMojo

P.S. Stay tuned. There’s yet more great things and grand adventure on its way.