Let’s Cut Right to the Chase.

Using RentManager? Planning to use RentManager? (We won’t tell.) Feel safe putting the words “ShowMojo” and “beta” in the same sentence? Get in on the RentManager Beta.

Just log on in to your ShowMojo account, drop us a note at https://showmojo.com/help and we’ll give you all the details (plus that little devil that lurks within).

And Now the Chaser

This is the perfect excuse to pimp ShowMojo’s heart-stopping import automation.

Note that word: automation. This is no Mechanical Turk.  We don’t do “push of a button”. We do: “There is no button. Enjoy your day at the beach.”

ShowMojo currently imports listings from: Propertyware, Buildium, HeroPM, Appfolio, FreeRentalSite.com, Property Management Websites, Postlets, any homespun Trulia listing feed, Yardi (with setup, and if we ask really really nicely), and now RentManager.

For each of these “source systems” ShowMojo automatically:

  • Monitors for new on-market listings and imports each into ShowMojo
  • Watermarks each listing photo based on your personalized settings
  • Activates each listing in your ShowMojo Gallery
  • Syndicates each listing across more than 50 listings sites
  • Assigns each new listing to the appropriate agent (or agents) and appropriate showing schedule (yes, automatically)
  • Starts scheduling showings — or pre-marketing if that’s what you’ve configured ShowMojo to do for each new listing
  • Emails every prospect who expressed interest in other, similar listings in the last month, encouraging them to schedule a showing for each new listing
  • Regularly syncs listing changes you’ve made in the source system to each listing in ShowMojo
  • Watches for rent reductions and emails every prospect who inquired about the listing, informs them of the reduced rent, and encourages them to schedule a showing or apply (we have not left Automatic Land — please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle)
  • Checks for listings that go off market and off-markets each listing in ShowMojo
  • Cancels upcoming showings for off-market listings including a text notification to the prospect when appropriate
  • Directs each prospect to schedule another showing at your (and only your) similar on-the-market listings

And you have not pushed a single button. But you must be tired from reading. So have a great week!

Team ShowMojo