It Does What It Says on the Tin.

Do you have an overachieving prospect with an underachieving rental history? Are you receiving listing-site spam from someone fishing for leasing agent email addresses? Have you got a prospect who, for whatever reason, you don’t want scheduling any more lockbox showings?

Well, now you can shut them down instantly and completely. (At least the dimwitted ones who give up easily. Some industrious ones may actually go a few rounds before conceding defeat.)

Just click over to the ShowMojo Communication Settings page and scroll down to the new Blacklist Section.

You can blacklist by email address or phone number.

Blacklisting stops all scheduling attempts and listing site inquiries.

ShowMojo remembers blacklisted items for thirteen months. Not longer — because phone numbers change, emails change, and sometimes people change.

You can even leave a note to record the reason for the blacklist.

Sound like fun? We just hope you don’t need it very often.

Team ShowMojo