For an immediate answer to this headline, see Betteridge’s Law of Headlines

But we occasionally hear this feedback. Also, we hear from property managers that — regardless of the lockbox provider they are using — renters are less likely to schedule a showing when they have to validate their identity with a credit card. Why?

“It feels creepy,” is the usual and uber-unhelpful response from the renter.

You mean like feeling creepier than letting a complete stranger enter your vacant property WITHOUT validating their identity? And that’s the conundrum, isn’t it.

But these are the kind of problems we love to sink our teeth into here at ShowMojo. So we’ve added a new feature for our property managers who use lockboxes that should help on two fronts:

  • To easily market and manage a property for both lockbox and in-person showings.
  • To get-the-creep-out by making it clear to renters that they need to validate a credit card ONLY if they choose to see the property on their own.

On top of that, you can now set each listing to automatically add a credit card validation question only for lockbox showings. There’s no longer any need to maintain two screening questionnaires just because you use ShowMojo for both in-person and lockbox showings.

You’ll find these settings on the Listings page in the Listing Options section.