We just released some great new features to ShowMojo, including two very big ones.

First up. We’ve added Properties to ShowMojo! This is a great new feature for all our managed buildings who aren’t importing data directly into ShowMojo … and even for some who are. Now you can add new listings chock-full of details and photos in minutes. Similarly, you’ll be able to update property-level details across dozens or even hundreds of listings by making a change in just one place.

A property is any number of street addresses. When you add a street address to a property, every listing with that street address automatically includes the details, highlights and photos that you’ve added to the property.

Next, and even bigger. We’ve sent our Automated Confirmation process to the gym, and wow did it bulk up. Check out these new features:

  1. ShowMojo will try to confirm three times with each prospect. 24 hours before the showing. Then 6 hours before. Then 2 hours before. (Prospects who schedule less than 24 hours in advance will be contacted twice instead of three times.)
  2. ShowMojo will try to confirm over both email and text, if the prospect does not reply to the first confirmation attempt.
  3. ShowMojo can automatically cancel the showing if the prospect does not confirm within an hour of the showtime. ShowMojo will notify both the prospect and you about any showings that are automatically cancelled. (This is an optional feature. To turn it on, go to the “Settings” page and edit the “Showing Confirmation” section.)

We’re really excited about these new features. They’re big. And we’ll be adding refinements to them over the coming weeks. As always, feedback and feature requests are encouraged. We love hearing from everyone.