For Lockbox Self-Show Users

A couple months back we announced Fraudulent Showing Auto-Detection, flagging and canceling.

A few weeks back we rolled out Location Verification for digital lockbox self-showings.

Then, a classic You Got Your Chocolate in My Peanut Butter eureka-like-fugue ensued. And, now, ShowMojo automatically verifies the prospect’s location at the listing on potentially (but not confirmed) fraudulent showings.

There’s no new setting here. Showings with no fraud markers get the normal scheduling experience. Showings with fraud markers get enhanced security. It is that automatic and that simple.

For Multi-User Teams

We have slowly and quietly been adding more convenience features for all multi-user accounts.

None of this is not as epic as falling off a horse into a pasteurized peanut product. (Don’t get the joke? Follow the link above to the so-bad-it’s-still-bad late 70s commercial.) Nonetheless, we guarantee you will be glad these features are there when you need them.

Attending NARPM Broker/Owner?

We’ll be there in Las Vegas. With our best friends OnSight PROS.

Join us for breakfast at 7am, Tuesday, April 10th. Aw, come on, you know you’ll still be up.

And bring a friend who doesn’t use ShowMojo or doesn’t use OnSight PROS. Seriously — it’s on us.

Just be sure to Register for the Event.


Team ShowMojo

P.S. We are very serious about safe and secure lockbox-based self-showings. If you do self-showings, and have not already reviewed it, we strongly recommend reading our publicly available article: Defend Your Company Against Self-Show Opportunists.