The Cover Story

As we discussed Back in November the growing popularity of lockbox-based self-showings is being matched by the rise of some decidedly disreputable and despicable folk. At the time, we offered a thorough guide to Defend Your Company Against Self-Show Opportunists.

Now, to further frustrate fraudsters everywhere, ShowMojo has developed fraud auto-detection functionality for lockbox-based showings that:

  1. Tracks and blocks the contact details of known scam artists platform-wide and stops these showings before they are scheduled.
  2. Immediately scans scheduled lockbox-based showings for fraud markers and automatically cancels high-risk showings.

We’ve documented the more mundane details in our knowledge base article on Fraudulent Showing Auto-Detection, Flagging and Canceling.

We are already seeing immediate benefits from this activity. But this is no bag of silver bullets. This is certain to be an ongoing activity, backed by human ingenuity and machine learning.

The Next Big Thing

It’s a newsletter. We just gotta announce real features. And what is better than this?

You can now Adjust the Days and Times When Self-Showings Are Allowed without creating a special calendar.

Stop self-showings earlier in winter. Let self-showings run later in summer. Don’t allow self-showings on the weekends. You get the drift.

New Feature Odds and Ends

Hey, do you want to Automatically Remove the Digital Lockbox When a Listing Goes Off Market? Well, some big-wig customer did. So you can, too.

Now where did you leave that lockbox? Oops! The Digital Access Page has been updated to display the last-known listing for each lockbox.

Finally, do you need to know all manner of information about self-showings and the access codes that were and were not distributed?

Check out the Digital Access History Report.

That’s it for today, but this is far from the end of our story.


Team ShowMojo