Let’s Recap

In 2011 ShowMojo introduced the first prospect-based, in-person scheduling solution for residential rentals. Somehow, somebody forgot to schedule the parade.

In 2014 ShowMojo added support for lockbox-based self-showings using single code lockboxes. Still no parade.

In 2015 ShowMojo introduced the residential property management community to CodeBox — an affordable, dependable, secure digital lockbox solution. There was, at least, some legitimate fanfare.

CodeBox has provided a huge benefit to many of our customers. ShowMojo is proud to offer and support CodeBox as a digital access solution.

In 2017 ShowMojo has matured into a leasing automation platform. There’s no one-size-fits-all rules here. We’re constantly discovering and innovating the right solution for each need.

And we’re still waiting on that parade.

Meet the Vault eLockbox

Today, ShowMojo has added the Vault eLockbox to our digital access offerings. Why?

There’s no configuration options on an eLockbox. None at all. That means no settings to get mis-configured. And no don’t-ever-forget-it codes to configure the box. It also means, potentially, less issues for prospects accessing the property.

Prospects receive hour-specific codes to access the eLockbox. These access codes operate only during the specific hour of the day to which they are assigned (with a little slack on either end). Prospects cannot access the listing at other times.

There is a physical key. No spit. Really. The key can be used as a override to get the eLockbox off a door, access the key compartment, and change the batteries.

It’s got no screen. That’s one less thing to break.

It’s tightly integrated. Use ShowMojo to get day-long shackle codes, hourly access codes, and even seven-day access codes (for staff, vendors and the like).

But you can’t just walk up to an eLockbox and, day after day, punch in the exact same special code to access the box or the shackle. There are no static agent, vendor and shackle codes. To simplify everything else (and enable a configuration-free experience) digital access to the eLockbox is tied directly into ShowMojo.

You Decide

ShowMojo is a leasing automation platform. Our goal is to provide the best options for you and your business.

To help you better understand these options, we’ve provided a Digital Lockbox Comparison Chart.

Want to give the Vault eLockbox a try? Just order one at a special introductory rate from your Lockbox Settings page.


Team ShowMojo

P.S. From a billing perspective, there’s nothing new to worry about. Vault eLockboxes are supported in ShowMojo just like CodeBoxes. Your account can carry a certain number of digital lockboxes (Vault or CodeBox) without any monthly fees. And, when you have extra boxes on your account, the fees are the same. That information is immediately available on the Lockbox Settings page.