By the time you read this, it’s a virtual certainty that six people already emailed us to prove that headline wrong.

Fine then. They’re probably right. But let’s carry on with our bright-side, glass-half-full, TGIF mindset, shall we?

The Busy Time Buffer

From the very beginning, ShowMojo has focused on efficient travel between showings — thanks to features like Smart Show, scheduling strategies like Zoned Calendars, and enough calenderific flexibility to spawn 53 Knowledge Base Articles.

And, now, ShowMojo helps to manage travel times when switching between your showing schedule and the rest of your life — assuming the rest of your life is booked in your integrated Google or Outlook calendar.

Just check out the new Calendar Integration settings. If you block busy times, you’ll find two new Busy Time Buffer options:

  • One to block showings for a specific number of minutes before each busy period. Do you have a reputation for punctuality? Set this buffer a little longer.
  • Another to block showings after each busy period. Are most of your meetings booked longer than necessary? Set this buffer a bit shorter.

These options are one-setting-simple and specific to each team member.

The Full Calendar Integration Feature Set

The Busy Time Buffer adds more heavy lifting to an already power-packed set of calendar integration features. For Google and Outlook calendars, these include:

  • Individual team members have their own, fully-customizable integration options.
  • Independent, account-wide integration, with its own set of options.
  • Choose the specific calendar on which showings are displayed.
  • Choose the exact calendars ShowMojo will and will not reference to avoid busy times.

No calendaring application is left out. As long as your calendaring system can read an iCal feed, it can pull upcoming showings from ShowMojo.


Team ShowMojo