Where Have We Been for the Past Three Weeks?

Oh what a wreck. Someone — apparently in a turkey-and-boxed-wine-induced stupor  — thought ShowMojo product development wasn’t going fast enough. Staff was doubled. Productivity was quadrupled. Did someone say Ludicrous Speed? Eighty-two car pile-ups on the German autobahn have been easier to disentangle.

Yes, we ate too much, and then we built too much. And now we’re bogged down in a TSA-style fiasco of screening, radiating, clearing, and wedging each item out the door. On the extremely bright side — there’s a lot of great stuff on the way.

Getting to the Point

This week we’ve connected listing groups to calendars and individual show windows to listing auto-assignments. Sure, that sounded like gibberish. Let’s unpack it.

First, on the simple-but-powerful side, ShowMojo can now automatically assign listings to individual show windows based on your custom import rules.

Of course you remember the new multi-listing, multi-window calendar we announced a couple months back? For many showing agents, this latest update will allow simplified calendars (one instead of many) to be used with a fully automated listing import process. No need to run back to ShowMojo every time a new listing is imported. And that’s the way it should be.

Second, on the powerful-and-complicated side, listing groups can be assigned directly to calendars and individual show windows.  Here’s an example using our multi-listing, multi-window calendar:

And here’s an example from our old, tried-and-true approach to calendaring:

This introduces an entirely different way to manage calendar assignments. Listing groups can be easily moved between individual show windows, calendars and even team members. Schedule adjustments and rewrites can be completed with much less effort.

Keep in mind, however, all previously-scheduled showings will remain on the schedule as they were booked. When making major changes to calendar assignments, add “not available” exception days at the close of an old calendar and the start of a new calendar to avoid accidental double bookings.

Is your head spinning yet? Welcome to our world.

Team ShowMojo