I called on a Beastie Boys reference in order to open with something as cool as this pie chart I’m about to explain.

As we’ve grown the volume of showings scheduled through our clients, we’ve started scooping up data. And today we’ve revealed an interesting, and conveniently profitable, observation on prospect behavior.

BEHOLD: A random sample of 4000 prospects from this summer’s rental season shows that almost half of prospects schedule at a time outside of normal business hours!

What does this mean?

It means that ShowMojo helps capture those prospects that like or need to schedule outside of 9-5 hours when many landlords and property managers aren’t answering their phones or responding to emails.

I’m astonished that more than a quarter of all sampled prospects scheduled sometime between 7pm and 7am — a really difficult/annoying/tiring window of time to coordinate a showing.

In conclusion, anyone who uses ShowMojo has a comparative advantage by giving prospects the opportunity to schedule a showing at their preferred time of day — like 2 am — because they can do it online! ShowMojo customers are potentially reaching that 44% of the prospect pool that prefer to schedule outside of normal business hours.

Now that’s something to rap about.