Well, This Is Awkward

What’s the only leasing-automation company in residential rentals think it’s doing by throwing people at the problem?

For starters, a call center helps us learn to better automate everything, since we’re right there in the trenches with you — and have been for the last six months, even if you didn’t know it. (Yeah, we’re bad people for not sending a friend request, but it was kinda secret.)

Far more important, we’ve understood for some time that there are real and specific needs for a live-answer service.

  • A select set of our customers really do want every prospect inquiry answered in the fashion most comfortable for the prospect.
  • Some ShowMojo customers have unique cases and unique listings where live-answer is an integral part of the offering.
  • New customers, who love the autonomous leasing vehicle concept, still want to start with a human hand on the wheel.

So, no, we haven’t jumped the shark. We just really care. About our customers. And about the future of the industry.

Read enough already? Complete our Call Center Beta Inquiry form now.

The ShowMojo Call Center

It’s an integrated part of the ShowMojo platform, but we built it from the ground up.

ShowMojo PHONE still answers all your calls with all the expected bells and whistles and text messages. We’ve just added one new option to direct live-call requests (either immediately or only when you cannot answer them) to the call center.

Scheduled showings and new leads are nurtured with the exact same screening, scheduling, confirmation, and reporting as your current ShowMojo activity.

Everything is tracked through ShowMojo — even prospect questions for you (if you want to allow them). It’s all one system.

Interaction with each prospect is tailored for you — from custom answers for common renter questions, to warm call transfers into other departments, to the right last words.

We don’t dally on the phone. This is pure ShowMojo Eureka Lighting. Each prospect who schedules a showing completes your screening questions after the call. Or, if a prospect doesn’t find an available showtime they like, ShowMojo sends them a link to self-schedule when more times are available, and reminds them by text if they haven’t scheduled. This ain’t your Mama’s call center.


This is the section you have been looking for.

$2.75 per call during extended business hours

$3.75 per call at all other times

Use the call center only when you can’t answer the call. Or during extended business hours only. Or all the time.

If live calls are important to your business, the value proposition is there for you.

Will ShowMojo Continue to Work with Other Call Center Offerings?


We are offering a best-of-breed call center option, but there’s a lot of breeds out there. As always, we’re more than willing to work with any vendor willing to work with us to do what’s right by our mutual customer.

Any doubts? Look at our CodeBox rollout 18 months back. We love CodeBox. But we love our non-CodeBox single-code lockbox users just as much as we always did.

This Is a Closed Beta

Just fill out our Call Center Beta Inquiry form.

The call center really is a new product, under constant development, and generating new features within ShowMojo itself.

Among other features, the six-month Super-Double-Secret Call Center Alpha project has already necessitated:

Basically, this is the biggest new thing since ShowMojo, itself. So we’re treating it a little different.

Team ShowMojo