No, We’re Not Giving Away Free CodeBoxes.

But please please keep reading please. This is just as good. Even if you don’t use lockboxes for self-showings, hang in there for the answer to: “If I Don’t Do Lockbox Showings Why Should I Care?”

CodeBox Junior is Here

Tired of hanging a lockbox at your door that could double as a quarterstaff? Think the ridiculously cheap CodeBox “Senior” isn’t ridiculously cheap enough?

Well now there’s CodeBox Junior. It holds two keys. It costs between $52 (order 1) and $42 (order 100.) It comes door-hang ready, just like its old man. It’s smaller, lighter and easier to store. But it’s CodeBox tough and still leaves a good impression in the forebrow.

Order CodeBox Junior right now from the Lockbox Settings page to beat the iPhone-esque backlog that could slow delivery by a week or two. (Yeah, unfortunately, we’re kind of serious about that.)

Reduced Fees for Unused CodeBoxes

Winter’s coming. The holiday season is almost here. But there’s so many reasons to buy a bundle of CodeBoxes (see “why should I care”  below) and of course we want to encourage that.

Starting November 15th, extra unused CodeBoxes on your account are charged only $1.50 per month (instead of the usual $6 for extra active CodeBoxes).

There’s no button to push. And, gosh dang-it, you don’t need to call. Just don’t schedule a showing or request an access code for a month and the CodeBox automatically drops to this new “unused” rate.

Need to use the CodeBox again? Just use it. It never stops working. No muss. No fuss. It’ll spring right back to the “in use” rate.

Keep in mind that every ShowMojo account comes with a certain number of supported CodeBoxes. These charges only ever apply if you are over that limit.

If I Don’t Do Lockbox Showings Why Should I Care?

Great question. First, just a reminder, ShowMojo was built for in-person showings, and we’ll never give that up. But lockbox self-showings only scratch the surface of what CodeBoxes can do to improve your leasing and operational excellence.

Here’s an easy one. Attentive readers might recall that we already rolled out third-party agent lockbox showings. Golden star for you. Yes, prospects should get in-person showings, but if you’re dealing with third-party agents, why not give them the flexibility and convenience to help rent your listings faster.

Still, that is leasing, and quite pedestrian. Let’s think bigger. What about a CodeBox alongside every door twenty-four-seven-three-hundred-sixty-five?

Suddenly, there’s a whole new world of possibilities that have nothing to do with self-showings:

  • On-demand access for maintenance personnel
  • Scheduled access for inspections
  • Key distribution and collection for tenant move-ins and move-outs
  • 2 am tenant lockout assist (that you could even charge for without getting out of bed)

Have an inkling where we’re headed? Grab a hold and hang on tight. 2016 is going to be a great ride.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. Attending the NARPM National Convention? So are we. Stop by the booth. Say hi.