At ShowMojo, over the last few months, we’ve observed an uptick in scammers and other less-than-reputable individuals targeting lockbox-based self-show listings. That’s in addition to the everyday (and everywhere) Craigslist faux-listing scammer.

Hopefully our long-time readers understand that we’re not one to stand idly by — even when the funny business afoot really isn’t funny at all.

Knowledge Is for Everyone

And we really do mean everyone. This morning we posted two publicly available articles:

These articles address issues every property manager or owner faces. The solutions discussed go far beyond ShowMojo.

We firmly believe that when it comes to combating exploitation within the residential rental industry – a rising tide lifts all boats.

Enhanced Watermarking for All ShowMojo Users

When we rolled out automated watermarking for listing photos, we focused on third-party sites, because that’s where the dangers lay at the time.

The risks have increased since then. So we have added the option to include watermarking on all listing photos no matter where they appear.

You can turn on automated photo watermarking — or modify it so it covers all your photos everywhere — from the Listing Settings page. For more information on automated watermarking, check out our Automated and Custom Watermarking knowledge base article.

The Security Wizard for Lockbox-Based Self-Show Users

We know ShowMojo’s self-show features are stuffed with options. That’s to support the varied practices and needs of each individual property manager or owner — especially when those needs include reacting to an elevated risk level.

There’s now a super-helpful way to review and select these options. From the Lockbox Security Wizard on the Lockbox Settings page, you can:

  1. Review the tradeoffs: between security and convenience.
  2. Select a security level: Minimal, Medium, High, or Top.
  3. Customize options: at the security level you selected.
  4. Push out the new security settings: to all your listings.

The Lockbox Security Wizard lets you quickly tailor your self-show practices to the current needs of your business, so you can get on with your business.


Team ShowMojo