Sorry for being gone so long. We’ve been ridiculously busy working on stuff that is as critical as it is mind-numbingly mundane.

Specifically: building a new delayed job server, replicating the delayed job server, reducing latency in the server infrastructure, rewriting the image fabrication processes, upgrading other essential Ruby gems, resuscitating the automated test framework, initiating a preliminary continuous integration environment, laying the foundation for multiple front-end virtual private servers, hiring additional technical staff, firing said technical staff, hiring new additional technical staff, Chinese-fire-drill-testing the text-messaging redundancy (thanks a lot, Plivo), hiring additional support and onboarding talent (hello, Waleed), retaining said support and onboarding talent, and some other stuff we forgot somewhere.

See. It’s all boring, irrelevant, unintelligible, and so so so critical.

Oh yes, and playing hipbone-connected-to-the-thighbone-connected-to-the-confirmation-request whac-a-mole with the Document Verification Beta.

Which gets us to the point of this week’s blog. Document verification is out of beta!!


Document verification is insanely cool. You can use it to verify a drivers license prior to lockbox showings, employment and income prior to in-person showings, or practically anything else.

Document verification is a simple screening question. Just go to the Settings Page, scroll down and edit the Screening Questions section, then click on the Verify a Document button.

After a prospect schedules a showing with their cell phone number, but before the confirmation process begins, ShowMojo instructs the prospect by text message to send back a photo of any document you request. You get to review and approve. ShowMojo will nag both you and the prospect to do your parts.

However, if things don’t go according to plan, and it’s too close to the showtime, ShowMojo automatically requests a reschedule from the prospect. Everybody’s included in the communication. Nobody’s time gets wasted. Simply awesome.

Document verification is free on most accounts with ShowMojo PHONE. If you see the Verify a Document button, you’re good to go. If you have any questions, just reply to this email.

P.S. ShowMojo PHONE is the most amazing thing to hit residential rentals since the birth of ShowMojo itself. It comes standard on all new accounts. If you are a longtime customer and don’t yet have ShowMojo PHONE, why not give our demo line a ring right now?: 312.647.2050