Completely Autonomous Screening

More than two-thirds of ShowMojo accounts now use screening question restrictors to dynamically restrict scheduling on individual listings based on income, pets, move-in date, and many other criteria. This lets showing agents focus on the best candidates (for in-person showings) and reduces risk by stopping needless traffic through vacant homes (for self-showings).

By default, “restricted” showings are quietly declined. The prospect is politely notified that they are not a fit for the home and there is no notification to leasing staff. Similarly, ShowMojo does not capture additional information on new or existing prospects who were declined.

Why is that? Because ShowMojo empowers your prospects to do the heavy lifting for you — with high-touch, self-serve tools that enable prospects to self-screen, self-schedule, self-confirm, self-access, self-survey and more. ShowMojo is finely-crafted automation for your entire leasing process, so you can focus on other things. Not a clunky call center (unless you really want phenomenal live-answer, too).

Retain and Review All Declined Showings

We know many of our customers leverage ShowMojo by choosing strategic points where they can focus their energies to engender even better leasing outcomes and even shorter market times. To enable this, ShowMojo can now be configured to retain and email the information on all declined showings, as they happen.

This means you can now:

  1. Individually review declined showings for edge cases that you might choose to contact and reconsider.
  2. Use more restrictive screening questions so only better-qualified prospects schedule without a review — and then you can review and contact the remainder.
  3. Fully investigate those prospects who may call and claim that they qualify for a listing but who were declined from scheduling.
  4. Simply retain as much lead data as possible for your own leasing funnel analysis activities.

Want all the details? Or just want to turn it on? See our knowledge base article: Retain and Review Showings Declined by Screening Question Restrictors.


Team ShowMojo