Today’s menu features an eclectic selection of value-packed morsels for the majority of our customers who import their listings from a property management (or other third-party) system.

Get the Most Leads for Your AppFolio Condo and Townhouse Listings

Have you noticed that AppFolio listings don’t have condo or townhouse property types? This means your listings are not identified as condos or townhouses by Zillow and other listing sites — which can make these listings less visible to prospects who filter their searches by property type.

So what do you do?

We’ve landed on a very simple solution — at least when you syndicate listings through ShowMojo. Just add condo or townhouse as a custom amenity on the Appfolio listing. ShowMojo does the rest.

Want to know the details? Gawk away at our article: Specify Condo or Townhouse on Listings Imported from AppFolio.

Get Propertyware-Imported Pet Requirements Exactly Right

Propertyware takes a yes-or-no approach to pets — and some fans want that. Other fans crave exact pet requirements for each listing. ShowMojo just had to find a way out of the tastes-great-less-filling spanking machine.

And we have.

ShowMojo still supports the Propertyware Pets Allowed field, but now you can use custom attributes to fine-tune each Propertyware listing to your exact requirements.

ShowMojo sorts it all out when importing the listing. And this update brings double the value:

  1. It can boost your overall lead quality.
  2. It improves the accuracy of pre-showing screening.

Get started here: Specify Specific Cats or Dogs Options on Listings Imported from Propertyware.

Even More Marketing Data from Rent Manager

Dare we say all? Well, now that ShowMojo can big-gulp Rent Manager’s entire Marketing Tab, we think that’s golly-gosh-darn close.

Have a gander at our Rent Manager Import Field Mapping and decide for yourself.

Automate Listing Group Assignments

ShowMojo Listing Groups Help to Automate Scheduling and Improve Reporting. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but that’s what they do.

You can now assign listing groups automatically on import — directly from any listing import system that supports custom amenities (or custom listing details). This works just like the Listing-to-Calendar Auto-Assignment feature we rolled out this summer.

To learn more, just peruse our unfortunately-named help article: Use Custom Details on Imported Listings to Auto-Assign Regional Calendars and Listing Groups.


Team ShowMojo

P.S. If you got all this way and you don’t even import listings into ShowMojo, then you’re awesome. And we promise to have more for you real soon.