Great news. We just added two new features to better manage the days and times you and your team DON’T want to show, while still giving prospective renters the flexibility they’re looking for.

First, just in time for the holidays we’ve added account-wide No Showing Days. With a couple clicks you can block showings for an entire day across all team members and calendars. Block out Thanksgiving. Block out Christmas. Block out that company-wide Bahamas retreat — and don’t forget that ShowMojo is an integral part of your company.

Second, we’ve upgraded our Propose Showtimes feature to let you control when prospects can and cannot propose alternate showtimes. Don’t ever want to show on Sunday? No problem. Can’t show any property before 10 am? Done.

And, yes, No Showing Days are automatically excluded from the dates on which prospects can propose alternate showtimes.

Both of these features can be found and configured on the ShowMojo General Settings page. Just scroll about halfway down the page.

And see you at the beach.

P.S. For the keen observers out there, both these items were on our Request a Feature board. In fact, the No Showing Days feature had the most votes on the list. There are several factors that influence what features we are working on, and the Request a Feature board is definitely one of them.