Do You Use PropertyBoss?

Then ShowMojo is about to make your business a little more magical. What else is there to say?

Well, perhaps an awe-inducing recap on the benefits of ShowMojo’s Listing Import Functionality.

And an invitation to join the PropertyBoss Integration Beta-fest. To get yours, just reply to this email.

More on Listing Imports

No. We are so not done.

If you followed the KnowMojo link above, you know ShowMojo automatically and regularly updates imported listings based on the import source system. Which means editing those listings results in an oh-so-frustrating rendition of Rock, Hill, Sisyphus.

So, yes, a couple months back we disabled editing of listing highlights and listing details when the listing is part of an active import. Wouldn’t you?

But now, for imported listings, you can choose whether listing details are editable in ShowMojo or set automatically based on the import source. Check out Editing (or not Editing) Listings Imported into ShowMojo for more details.

Listings Gallery Customizations

We have added options to the ShowMojo listings gallery and the way it is presented to your prospects.

Specifically, you can choose how:

And a belated welcome to 2017. We have so many great things ahead in 2017. We hope you do too.


Team ShowMojo