Well, that subject line doesn’t easily roll off the tongue.

But wedging document verification into an ordinary screening question was a half-marathon from easy — so an open beta is well deserved.

And here’s what you get:

  1. Add a screening question that requires the renter to send a document of your choice for verification
  2. Ask for anything — driver’s license, section 8 certificate, proof of income — but make sure it’s kosher with your lawyer
  3. The renter gets a text message and replies back with a photo of the document
  4. You are notified about the document
  5. You choose to approve the document, or to reject the showing

Yes, it’s all by text and camera phone. Seriously, is there any service out there that automates anything like this? We couldn’t find one, so we built it.

To participate in this beta, just send us an email. You need to have ShowMojo PHONE on your account, and one or two other restriction might apply.