And now for an announcement that has been eight months in the making.

You wouldn’t believe the bumps that got us here. We’ve had product leaks the size of New Jersey. We pre-released hundreds of units to meet demand for a product we had yet to announce. We had airship-gate. (Just laugh because that’s funny and don’t make us try to explain.) Then Rently caught wind, and they’ve been calling everyone they know to spread the word.

And now we’re at journey’s end, and what do we have to show for it?

Simply put, the most secure, most flexible, and most affordable lockbox solution for residential rentals. And we’re selling it for a measly $60 a box.

That’s right. It’s called CodeBox. It’s a super-sturdy lockbox that accepts individual, date-restricted, access codes for the next 15 years. It’s fully integrated with ShowMojo. Even better, we’ve added shiny new CodeBox-exclusive features like:

  • Access restriction options to within 30 minutes of the showtime
  • Access notifications by email and text
  • Super-simple text-to-access functionality for vendors and brokers

And, of course, each CodeBox-enabled listing can leverage our existing lockbox features. Verify by phone number, credit card, or identify document. Mix lockbox and accompanied showings any way you like. Depend on the post-showing security checks and feedback surveys. It’s all included.

Now we know you have questions. Here’s the first three that come to mind.

1. Does ShowMojo still support those other single-code and multi-code lockboxes?
Hell yes. And we always will. The physical lockbox you use is a business decision you make. It shouldn’t be made by us nor should it be hampered by good-old-boy exclusivity deals. We’re here to support you. And we’ll continue to integrate with any lockbox vendor willing to integrate with us.

2. Should ShowMojo change its name to LockboxMojo? 
Hell no. We love our lockbox solution and our lockbox customers, but we think lockboxes are only one element in a comprehensive showing solution. We still argue that in-person showings are the best way to minimize vacancy between leases. (But we did just buy before anybody got wise to the idea.)

3. Besides the cost of the CodeBox, is there a monthly fee to use it with ShowMojo?
Hell yes. Sometimes. A certain number of CodeBoxes are included in our current plans. After that, each additional CodeBox is $6 a month. This integration isn’t free. And, similar to our multi-user functionality, the software to support these CodeBox features is wicked complex. We want to keep rolling out never-done-before features that meaningfully improve your business — and we hope you want that too.

Interested in learning more? Want to order a couple CodeBoxes and take them for a spin? Give us a shout by email or phone.