Two weeks ago we announced the auto-addition of document verification on lockbox-specific showings. Did that leave you wanting more?

We certainly hope so. Because we just rolled out three more great updates to document verification.


Request a New Version of the Document

Shockingly, it happens. Prospects don’t follow instructions. Or they do that Clark the Shark funk dance with their not-so-smart camera phone.

Did you just receive a rendering from Iggy Peck, Architect? Or perhaps it was even too blurrific to discern, like The Dot.

Enough with the child’s play. ShowMojo now lets you reject a document, explain why, and request that the prospect try again.

No new settings here, folks. You’ll see the option on your next document approval request.


Auto-Approve All Documents

Tired of approving each document? Want the documents to be approved as fast as possible so prospects can make it into the property? Do you believe that anyone going through the traceable trouble to set up a showing — even if they send you a mug shot of The Gruffalo — is not then going to break into the house in a trackable fashion through the CodeBox?

We’re basically there with you. But it’s not our house. And, we’d still prefer to lease the house before it goes vacant in the first place. And this still won’t save anyone from a Snatchabook. Anyway …

ShowMojo can now immediately approve every submitted document. But let’s be very clear about this. There is no document-review fairy. That’s just something your parents told you so you would shut up and go to sleep at night. These documents will be auto-approved with no human or machine review.

To set auto-approve for an individual screening question, just update the option on the screening question itself, and agree that ShowMojo is in no way liable for the outcome.

To set auto-approve for all document verification lockbox add-on questions, go to the Schedule Settings page, then to the Additional Settings section, find the setting there, and agree that ShowMojo is in no way liable for the outcome.


More Threats to Cancel Showings

This one really surprises us. You would think, since we repeatedly nag the prospect to send in their document, that they would do it. We’re not dealing with Lama Lama and the Bully Goat here. These are grown and responsible adults, aren’t they?

Fine. Don’t explain. We get it. So we have upped the document verification ante. After a couple requests are ignored, ShowMojo’s messaging to the prospect now includes specific and non-ambiguous threats to cancel the showing if they don’t get the document back to us.

Sleep tight everyone.


Team ShowMojo

P.S. And an honorable mention for Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. Alas, there are no maintenance-related features this week.