We tried Fred, Judy, Joe, and Buddy. But none of those names seemed to fit. So Dynamic Prospect Notifications is getting ejected from the ShowMojo Beta Feature Club and it’s not even getting a cool kid name.

But — wow — does it do some cool kid stuff.

In case you didn’t read the beta announcement newsletter ShowMojo automatically informs existing prospects about rent reductions and new on-the-market listings. No more managing email lists, pushing data to a separate service, drafting emails, and getting spam-spanked by MailChimp.

When a listing goes on market in ShowMojo, or there’s a rent reduction, ShowMojo announces it to anyone who ought to know. If you import your listings from a third-party system, this process is do-it-for-you automatic. If you use ShowMojo to manage your listings, then it’s push-of-a-button automatic.

As you’d expect, each email includes schedule-a-showing and application links.

Furthermore, each email includes a nifty unsubscribe link for the oh-so-rare prospect who might not care.

Sounds amazing? We think it does.

To enable this feature, browse to the Communication Settings page, scroll down to the Dynamic Prospect Notifications section, and set it up now.

Team ShowMojo