Bad news for all of you who prefer your feature updates to come with four different setting-screen updates, two separate account check-in sessions, and a full-team briefing. So sorry. You’re going to have to wait until next week for another one of those.

This week’s feature announcement is all about making life simpler for people who want to use document verification with lockbox showings. So simple, we get to introduce it with a screenshot from the Listings Page:

You see that right. Drivers license verification can now automatically be added to any lockbox showing just like credit card verification. Automatically added to any lockbox showing — whether you are bringing your own lockbox or using a CodeBox.

Here is a surprising statistic. ShowMojo verifies as many documents as it does credit cards in the average week. So it only seems fair to further level the playing field for document verification.

Are you new to document verification and thinking about using it? Check out the Document Verification Feature Overview.

But please keep in mind: just like any other additional screening question, document verification could reduce the total number of showings and send some prospects to the phone. Depending on your total showing volume and your overall goals, that could be a good thing. Nonetheless, adding document verification should be a thought-out decision, and you will want to monitor the outcome.

Thank God it’s Friday.


Team ShowMojo