Preview Photos on Text Messages

Here’s something that has been on a slow rollout since the beginning of summer. You might not have noticed it – but your prospective renters most certainly have!

ShowMojo text messages to prospects now include preview photos right in the messaging app.

Do you need a visual? Besides the image at the top of this newsletter? Imagine your prospective renter submitting an inquiry on an internet listing site and — moments later — receiving a text message from you that includes the exact same photo they saw online. How’s that for high-touch automation?

Note that this update does require a compatible device. Any iPhone is a compatible device. Android phones will be a bit hit-or-miss until Google eats its way further down the Confectionary Alphabet.

Long-Form Messages

Say goodbye to segmented text messages. This means no more message bubbles prefixed with: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. It’s now just one clean — and as long as necessary — message.

Again, a compatible device is required. But most devices are compatible. And those that aren’t will still get the old-school, segmented messaging.

Low Rent Alerts

Up to now, ShowMojo has alerted you about underperforming listings with both the Listing Performance Report and the Daily Performances Alerts.

Alerts should be about more than just bad news. They should also offer opportunities with clear upside. To that end, ShowMojo will now alert you when the rent on a listing appears too low.

How‘s that? When the leads on an individual listing far exceed the average leads-per-listing on your account, ShowMojo includes that listing in the daily performance alert email. Now you have the opportunity to actually increase the listing rent.

There’s nothing like delivering good news in the morning.

More Insight into Your Leasing Funnel

Have you looked at the ShowMojo Reports Page recently? Yes, we spiffed up the reports. But that’s not what’s newsletterworthy.

Check out the new average tiles on both the Listing Performance and Listing History reports.

Effortlessly learn your average market times, from both a historical perspective and current on-market activity.

View your average lead funnel metrics and see how your individual on-market listings measure up.

Lastly, ShowMojo Master Account users can review these average metrics across all local accounts — from a single page. And then just click to dive into the details.


Hopefully there was something for everyone this week.

Team ShowMojo