1. This would be fantastic. Right now I am using a Rental Prospect Card that I created to prescreen our tenants, but it would be great if I could do this through the ShowMojo website instead of what I use now ( http://www.jotform.us/Amerigo25/S.P.RentalProspectCard ), which will automatically notify a potential renter if they do not qualify for a rental based on our rental policies: such as pets, no pets; we don’t accept Section 8 or do HUD housing………

  2. This is a big feature to add. What is the status of this request??? Are there plans to add this? If so, approx. how long before it will be launched?

  3. I accidentally voted this down twice so I apologize. I wouldn’t mind if this was an option but I doubt we would us it much. Often, our owners are willing to change their minds on pets if we find a great tenant.

  4. I do like this option. This would be much more detailed and specific than my suggestion of being able to tailor the response the prospect receives when they are declined. Currently the only way to tailor the message is if you select the option to count the prospect as a lead. This incurs more cost.

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