1. This would be good to limit the next showing based on where the current one is. It would be very helpful to expand on the “location” limits in the calendar to be neighborhoods, zip codes, radius etc. Right now I might need 15 minutes to get to the next showing, but in another case the next one is 2 blocks away so I don’t need extra time. If I book 45 minute slots for everything, the calendar fills quickly and there is too much downtime. If I do 30 minute slots for everything, there might not be enough time to get from one to the next.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree with this recommendation. Working for a management company that covers a large geographic area some of our apartment buildings are less than 2 minutes apart while others are 45 minutes apart. The idea of providing shorter or longer commute times based on spatial differences between address would really help resolve the issue of a leasing agent having too much or too little time to commute between showings.

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