ShowMojo pioneered automated showing notifications by email back in 2011. Yeah, we’re kind of old.

It was a big deal back then. Quite suddenly, there was no need to call the tenant before every showing. The awkward “I’m not asking for your permission” moments were gone. Even further gone — and with very good riddance — was the random start-of-showing “I never got a voicemail” screed.

Text Messaging When It Matters

ShowMojo now sends important showing notification updates by text message to current tenants, occupying owners, and basically anyone else.

What is an important update?

  • New showings scheduled near to the required notice period on the listing.
  • Cleared showtimes on the day of the showtime because one or more showings canceled.

Basically, if it really matters, ShowMojo now sends a text message.

We Are Not a Text Spammer

And neither are you.

This feature has been carefully crafted to text prospects only on the important stuff – with essential information – but not overload their messaging app.

Normal showing notifications still go out by email each day at 8 AM local time. And text-based updates are clustered together to provide critical information with as few interruptions as possible.

Get Started

Just head off to your Listings page and check out the new Showing Notifications section.

You’ll find that the existing email addresses (for tenants, owners and the like) have been converted into contacts. You can add a cell number to each.

You can also add new contacts with both an email address and a phone number – or just an email address if that’s all you have.


Do you import current tenant details directly from Rent Manager? Then, in fact, you need to do nothing. It will all automatically happen for you.


Team ShowMojo