It’s Not Too Late.

Tampa to Atlanta: $157

San Antonio to Atlanta: $282

One thousand one hundred attendees and counting. The NARPM National Convention is set to pack the Hyatt Regency Atlanta October 14-16. We’re no statisticians, but our reckoning says that’s twice as large as any previous NARPM event. It’s going to be a door-popper.

Minneapolis to Atlanta: $261

Las Angeles to Atlanta: $237

We’re huge fans of NARPM. You’ve never met a better bunch of guys and gals who sometimes compete but always huddle up for the betterment of the property management industry, their owners, and their tenants. ShowMojo will be there. And we’re looking forward to the BEST EVER national convention.

Chicago to Atlanta: $127

Germany to Atlanta: $1182

Planning not to attend? Plan again. Never heard of NARPM? That’s the best reason yet. Flights are there for the taking. Hotels? Not so much.

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta is sold out.

The Marriott Marquis is sold out.

The Hilton Atlanta is sold out.

Fear not.,, or Captain Kirk can set you up.


But Wait, There’s More

We can’t do a post without new features. So here it goes.

Disable syndication on individual listings. Got an owner who wants to market their way? Got a rental you need to back-burner, but not stop scheduling? We got your back. Just update the syndication setting under Listing Options on the Listings page.

Report listing activity from on-market date. Now you can choose whether to send your owners a listing activity report for the previous week or for the entire period the listing has been on the market. To make the change, head over to the Listings Report page.

Pull reports based on a specific listing. All our standard reports now filter by listing, so you can drill into the exact data you need. Give it a spin on the Reporting Dashboard.

The product development team is flat out on our conference surprise. So that’s the best you get this week.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. Click away on all those links. There’s no kickbacks to us. We’re your leasing make-it-all-better team, not a travel agency.