Screening Your Leads Just Got a Little Easier

This week we are announcing a couple great new updates to our screening questions.

First, we’ve added an Ask More Details option on our custom drop down question. Now, depending upon the answer option your prospect selects, you can ask an additional question. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an example from one of our demo pages:

Try it for yourself!

Second, we’ve added a Custom Date Question for those uncommon-but-necessary times where you just have to ask a specific question with a date-picker. Ask when a prospect moved into their current home. Ask the prospect when they have to have a new lease signed. Ask for a specific move-in date (we already have a custom question for that, but we know some customers would prefer a more specific date).

We get a lot of questions about the DOs and DON’T’s of screening questions. This isn’t Dear Abby (and we know you don’t want it to be) but here are some of the best tips we have learned over the years:

  1. Put all your strong disqualifies (eviction, court judgement, credit, etc,) in the first question. This makes a clear statement, without scaring off good prospects with a barrage of negative questions.
  2. Ask no more than three required questions and five questions total. When prospects see a long form, they are more likely to reach for the phone.
  3. Don’t get too private, especially without good reason. Our credit card authentication feature is a great example here. We recommend NOT using it, unless you clearly state the need. For example, to allow the person to complete a self-directed showing on the property.

Of course, these are only guidelines, and you know what is best for your particular situation.