Last week, several customers inquired about how to configure ShowMojo’s calendar to handle group showings. And not the occasional group showing, but a schedule chock full of group showings.

The typical case looked like this:

  • Dozens of on-the-market units spread across one or more counties
  • A calendar that must be able to book showings all week long
  • First come, first serve access the available showtimes
  • Once a showing is booked, the showtime locks to that location, but additional prospect can pile onto the showtime for that location

ShowMojo can easily handle this by:

  1. Listing individual showtimes (not show windows) in your schedule
  2. Setting the calendar to lock to a single listing (or location)
  3. Allowing up to 10 people (or more) to book a single showtime

And here’s a visual we put together last week to assist in one case:

That’s not our usual standard for pretty. But effectiveness will have to do for this post.