Editors Note: We have a long wind-up this week. If you are here for the features and not the banter, skip down to the sections highlighted in red.

And Giving Us More Headaches

OK. It’s time for some straight talk. There’s a reason why we haven’t implemented the Beach Day feature. You do know what the Beach Day feature is, don’t you? Everyone wants it. And it’s stupefying that ShowMojo has survived this long without it.

Beach Day is that setting where, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, but never in the last two weeks of the month, except in May and June and July and November, when the temperature is above 80 degrees, and predicted to stay there until at least 8pm, and there are no shark advisories, and all listings have a market-time of less than 45 days, ShowMojo automatically requests a reschedule for all showings in the afternoon, rotating through a custom set of excuses (car breakdown, food poisoning, office copier paper jam), and ShowMojo text messages all agents to arrive with their boards at North Shore in 90 minutes, but not before 2 pm.

That’s an awesome feature. Pure magic. And it would spawn new points-of-articulation in four dozen different parts of ShowMojo. What about lockbox showings? Third party broker showings? What about in-flight lead claim and propose showtimes? Or new showings in the targeted afternoon? Or document verification lead times? Or multi-timezone accounts? And of course we cannot ignore the showing agent with a conscientious objection to sun worshiping.

That’s how the sausage is made, folks. Not just every flavor of scheduling sausage ever packed, but every new variant we have yet to grind out. Every sausage — from black to teewurst — has to sit well with Beach Day. Do you hear the anguished cries of the support and product development teams in the background?

No Beach Day Today, but Instead

We have three great new features! Perhaps not so extravagant, but certain to be scheduling delicacies that don’t add too much extra weight.

First. On multi-user accounts, the account owner can now decide which showings to sync to their Outlook, Google or other third-party calendar.

Need calendar access to your team’s entire showing schedule? Sync the showings for the entire account.

Are you a ShowMojo administrator who also picks up a random showing or three? Well, now you can sync only your showings to your calendar without having to create an entirely new user.

Looking to make a change? Skip over to the Schedule Settings page and make an update to the Calendar Integration section.

Second. ShowMojo now defaults to a simplified showtime selector for lockbox-only listings. Why? So you can set up lockbox showings without having to assign or maintain a calendar. Super simple.

But do you still need complete control over your lockbox showing duration, schedule and more? Just assign the listing to a calendar and update the Lockbox Code Distribution setting on the Listings Page.

Finally. You can now use lead claim with lockbox showings — the way you want to use it. Want lockbox showings claimed by team members so they can vet and follow up? Done. Or, should lockbox showings skip lead claim because — duh — they’re on a lockbox? Also done.

This feature only applies if you are using lead claim, which you can find on the Settings Page under Showing Notification and Distribution.

We Have Changed Nothing

This is important. While we updated some default behaviors with these new features, we have not changed any of your current settings. If you want to benefit from one of these features on an existing user, lead claim process, or listing, just swing on over to that setting and make a change.


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