Does it feel like only three weeks ago that we announced the Drive-Time-Based Scheduling Beta?

We don’t have the budget nor stamina for hundreds of millions in “autonomous” projects that build hype for ten years without actually shipping anything. So we had to settle on a three-week timeline — and something usable to go with it.

Simplified, Smart Scheduling

What if:

  • All your scheduling could be managed from a single calendar.
  • Your calendar needed only seven show windows (one for each day) and not two dozen.
  • Showings were automatically scheduled in location-aware clusters.
  • Drive times between showings comfortably addressed traffic conditions while minimizing your down time.
  • All your other calendar and listing specific settings — such as grouped showings and daily showtime limits — continued functioning as normal.
  • Ok. That’s probably what you wanted when we rolled out ShowMojo in the first place.

By that reckoning, it took us seven years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get our autonomous project delivered. We’ll happily accept that outcome.

The New Autonomous Scheduling Beta 

Autonomous Scheduling is available as an open beta. To enable it — and learn more — go to the Schedule Settings page and scroll down to the Autonomous Scheduling Beta section.

If you just want to learn more, check out our Autonomous Scheduling Beta knowledge base article.

Even though it’s open to everyone, please be mindful this is a real beta. We don’t mean to overpromise with our five what-if bullets above. This is still a work in progress. We’ll be collecting feedback, monitoring progress and making improvements.

What Does This Mean for the Drive Times Beta?

Nothing — except that we don’t really consider Drive-Time-Based Scheduling to be in beta any more.

And, if you’ve already configured the Drive-Time-Based Scheduling settings, everything will continue to operate as it has for the last three weeks.

Everyone enjoy the long Labor Day weekend!


Team ShowMojo