While I’m sure no landlord cherishes the thought of having to show a unit multiple times to find new renters, current tenants who are laid back about the process can certainly make things easier on a landlord. Unfortunately, many tenants — squeamish about the idea of have dozens of strangers parading through their bedroom — put up a fight when it comes to showing their apartment.

With this in mind, a wise landlord will have a conversation with the tenants about the showing process. Here are the most important things tell (and even better, put in writing for) a tenant who has given notice.

1. Explain that you’ll always give notice before bringing a potential renter to the unit. And be specific. Tell them you’ll give 24 or 48 hours notice. If your area’s laws are lax and don’t specify how far in advance notice must be given, pick a number and don’t stray from it.

2. Make a commitment to your tenants to come at reasonable times and assure them you won’t bring anyone through at midnight or at the crack of dawn on Saturday. Reasonable times has a different meaning for everyone, but make sure your tenants know in advance what it means to you, so there is no misunderstanding.

3. Assure you’re tenants that you’ll be vigilant during showings if they aren’t present. Tenants will feel a bit more at ease if they know you’ve got their backs.

4. Use ShowMojo’s tenant notification feature (duh!) to alert tenants about when you’ll be coming through! When you enable this feature, ShowMojo will send a daily email at 8am to each tenant with an updated schedule of upcoming showings. It’s an easy and hassle-free way to make sure things run smoothly for you and your current tenants.

Even though current tenants are on their way out, treating them right means less stress for everyone, and can even give you an powerful ally in your effort to sign a new lease.