ShowMojo now supports lockbox-based scheduling. You can enable Lockbox Code Distribution on any Listing in the Options section.

Once you’ve enabled this lockbox feature:

  1. ShowMojo notifies each new showing that the listing has a lockbox
  2. ShowMojo attempts to confirm each showing as usual
  3. ShowMojo provides the lockbox code only after the prospect has confirmed the showing

Looking for some extra security? Use the Validate Credit Card screening question. This can help confirm the identify and address of an prospect before they schedule the showing — and before you share a lockbox code. ShowMojo never charges the credit card, but confirms its validity and the address on it. And you can create a separate screening questionnaire to use credit card validation only on your lockbox listings.

One additional note about validating credit cards. Be sure to update the screening question to explain that this credit card validation is a necessary step to give the prospect the lockbox code and independent access to the property. We, of course, don’t want to unintentionally discourage prospects from scheduling online.