True story. Do you know why we added the leads filter to ShowMojo? Because, when we rolled out the reschedule request feature back in 2011, we needed somewhere to stuff those things that were no longer showings.

And here’s the big confession. After that, the leads filter became the messy kids’ play basement with the super-padded carpeting and the scuffed drywall. We tossed down there everything else we didn’t have a place for: mannually entered leads, email inquiries from listing sites, and then ShowMojo PHONE calls. And there was no rhyme nor reason to anything (beyond an alphabetical sort).

Yes, it was a little embarrassing. But guests hardly ever went down to the basement, so it was ok.

Then, a couple months back, we starting telling the kids to clean up down there. And there was shouting and screaming and groundings and iPads taken away and all the fuss you come to expect when breaking bad kid behaviors. But it worked and now we’re thrilled to announce We’ve Made Major Updates to the Leads Filter! 


First, leads are now sorted by last activity and grouped into days. So the most recent items — the ones you should care about most — will be on top.

Second, email leads are tagged with their source (usually a listing site) and the email is available to read right from the leads filter. Just click on the gray inquiry tags that appear next to the prospect’s name.

Third, ShowMojo PHONE voicemails are now playable directly from the leads filter. Just click on the little icon in the voicemail tag.

Last (and oh-so-not-least) live calls are now tracked in the leads filter. These are the ShowMojo PHONE calls that are answered by you or one of your agents. There’s even a LIVE CALL IN PROGRESS tag so you can answer a prospect call and enter notes and showing details while you are on the phone with the prospect.

We know there’s always more to clean up and organize, but phew we’re tired, the kids are in bed, and we need a drink.