We know that’s not a good excuse. But it was worth it…. Really.

We added so many new features over the last several months. If we listed everything here we’d crash the NSA’s email reader. And nobody wants to end up on that list.

Instead, we’ll keep it brief and tell you about the three BIGGEST features we’ve added to ShowMojo.

First Up. Post Generation. No more hand-coding your posts. Nor hand-merging our scheduler button with Postlets. Now you can generate Craigslist-compatible posts directly from the ShowMojo Listing page. Just copy the post code from any listing and drop it into the Craigslist “Posting Description” form field (and most anywhere else).

Better Still. Location-Aware Scheduling. We’ve added an innocuous-looking sentence to the ShowMojo Calendar page. But this thing is really an oil-tanker of productivity punch. Now you can set your calendar to behave one of three ways:

  1.  OLD SCHOOL.  ShowMojo will schedule showings at multiple locations within each time window, and let you handle the travel logistics.
  2.  PRETTY HELPFUL.  ShowMojo will schedule showings at only one listing within each time window. (The specific listing will be determined by the first showing scheduled within each window.)
  3.  FRICKIN’ AMAZING!!  ShowMojo will schedule showings at only one location within each time window, so your travel is limited to half a city block within each time window. (The location of each window will be determined by the first showing scheduled within each window.)

And Now the Closer. The New Scheduling Page with a Customizable Header. Let’s be honest. ShowMojo isn’t about us. It’s about you. And that ShowMojo banner has been hogging the top of the Schedule a Showing page for an inexcusable length of time. But no more. Navigate to the bottom of your ShowMojo Settings page, update the Scheduling Page Header section and enthrone your own banner (or text) at the top of the Schedule a Showing page. You can even add a link to take your prospects back to your site.

Ok. That’s our load of bombast for the month. We’re done. As always, don’t hesitate to drop a line if you have any comments, questions or feature requests.