Earlier this week we got a call on the black phone (ok, they’re all black, but that’s not important). The caller revealed that some ShowMojo lockbox customers actually answer the phone and enter showings through the ShowMojo Dashboard. Like, “What’s your name? What’s your phone number? What showtime would work for you?” Everything.

Yeah, we know some ShowMojo customers take showings over the phone. But when you’re already automating the actual showing we thought then of course you would automate the scheduling of the showing….

Well, that’s what we thought, anyway, and we were wrong, and the product development team cranked their jaws up off the floor, said they’re sorry, and got to work.

The result? A Lightning Feature special delivery for our lockbox users:

Are you using credit card validation? If so, any team member can now take credit card info over the phone and validate it during the scheduling process.

Are you scheduling both accompanied and lockbox showings? Well, now a team member can explicitly schedule one or the other when entering or updating the showing through the ShowMojo Dashboard.

These new features work with any lockbox that works with ShowMojo, including CodeBoxes (check ‘em out here), NuSet boxes, and anything that came from the Home Depot bargain bin.

That’s it. Have a happy Fuzzy Bunny Day.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. Well, it wasn’t a Tornado Watch, and again it wasn’t Greased Lightning, but it was still important.