Text-to-Access Works Without a Listing

Text-to-Access lets your staff and even vendors gain immediate and trackable access to any property with a CodeBox hung on it.

Property Managers sometimes put CodeBoxes on houses for vendors and their staff before the home is being marketed or shown — and before the listing is even in ShowMojo.

You know, that same ShowMojo listing to which the CodeBox must be assigned in order for Text-to-Access to work.


Well, that was last week. Effective immediately, Text-to-Access now works with any CodeBox registered on your ShowMojo account — regardless of whether it’s securing a ShowMojo listing or just the office Jelly Belly jar.

Want to confirm a CodeBox is registered? Just look for the serial number on the CodeBox Report. Which makes for a great transition.

Get the Details on All Your CodeBoxes

Got 120 CodeBoxes on your account? You know who you are.

Got 102 CodeBoxes? This feature is for you.

90 CodeBoxes. 72 … 46 … 21. Same deal.

Got 4 CodeBoxes? Yeah, this feature’s gonna be a yawner.

The more you’ve got the bigger it gets. You can now export a list of all the CodeBoxes on your account right
from the
CodeBox Report. (Just click on the shinny new Export button in the upper right.)

That report includes:

  • Serial number
  • Type of CodeBox (junior or senior)
  • The listing it’s assigned to — if it’s assigned to a listing

Because you really do need easy access to data like this.

See it Now Showings for Auto-Approved Docs

If you ever think we don’t sweat the details, read this.

Lockbox-enabled listings (any lockbox — not just CodeBox) have a bright red See It Now button during normal showing hours, when there’s no other showing booked and there’s no document verification screening question.

Why no See it Now for document verification? Because it takes time. Even when it does follow the mythical SAAS happy path, the document needs to be requested by ShowMojo, sent by the prospect, sent to the appropriate agent, approved by the appropriate agent, then back to the prospect. Seriously, we have to give it at least an hour.

Unless ShowMojo is set to auto-approve. In that scenario, it’s a minute for the prospect to text off a photo, then one nano-second more for our repurposed great-recession-housing-crash-foreclosure-robo-signer to do its thing.

So, now, if you use lockboxes and document verification auto-approve, your prospects get the See It Now button too.

Hope you are having a great week.

Team ShowMojo